Georgia has capacity to Raise the Age

★ THE FLAWED FISCAL NOTE ★ The State Auditor estimates that implementing HB440 would require additional annual appropriations for the Department of Juvenile Justice of $50.5 million, including $44 million in operating costs for the Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs), Youth Development Centers (YDCs), and Community Services.


Most facilities are under committed, and when such excess capacity exists, adding youth doesn’t add costs; staffing levels are based on full occupancy.

The total DJJ budget increased by more than 20% ($65 million) from FY2011 to FY2020 with a 40% increase for the YDCs, a 23% increase for the RYDCs, and a 16% increase for Community Services.


★ Over the last 10 years, 4 the number of cases referred to juvenile courts has fallen by 60%.


Raise the Age is a campaign that supports raising the age of criminal responsibility to 18 for youth throughout the country to improve outcomes both for them and public safety. 

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